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duminică, 12 decembrie 2010

Phytotherapeutical treatment of low immunity with marigold

The low immunity of some people during this period of the year, between winter and spring, is the cause of certain acute and chronic diseases. We come after a long and harsh winter, when our physiologic reserves are finished and the potential of self-defense of our body has significantly been reduced and we can not cope with the infections by different pathological agents (germs, viruses, fungi, etc.), which attack our body and cause a series of acute diseases (flue, pneumonia, etc.). In this period of the year we assist at relapses in case of patients with chronic diseases (rheumatism, cardio-vascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, etc.).
An efficient and necessary way consists in the stimulation of the immunity, in the increase of the fight capacity against different pathogenic agents. Starting from the premise that it is much easier to prevent than to cure, I recommend you to use phytotherapeutic products obtained from marigolds (Calendula officinalis), like: marigold tea and marigold extract, preferably bio. A simple therapeutic scheme to use these products consists of drinking 3 cups of marigold tea per day to which you add 10 drops of marigold extract. The products based on marigold can be used together with other phytotherapeutic products, which were mentioned at low immunity.
We recommend a diet rich in vegetables (onion, garlic, horse radish, carrot, celery, parsley, parsnip, lentil, beans, dried peas, etc.) and fruits (apples, citric fruits, bananas, etc.), fermented dairy products (yoghurt, sana, kefir), whole-wheat cereals, oil seed (nuts, hazels, almonds, etc.) and poor in animal fats.  

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